Internal Environment

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Introduction of Intercontinental hotel.

Intercontinential hotel,as the first truly international hotel group, was born in becomes the biggest hotel group on earth.This group also have the wildst distribution of hotel around the world.The goal of this hotel is creating great hotels guests loveThe headquarter of this company is in berkshire , UK .During 2007, it employed approximately 10366 in 2007 .

What is the meaning of environment? (Docstoc 2010, p3)That means the surroundings, influnces, external objects and circumstances under someone or something exists.The environment of any organisation that surround & affect it.Now I’m going to demonstrate the definition of external environment first and

External environment
External environment is a kind of environment can not be controled by company. It also can affects the effectiveness of an organisation.Company often use external environment to analise future situation and make plans. Within external environment, there two different catogories of it --- specific environment and general environment.

Firstly I will illustrate specific environment. Specific environment is a kind of organization which can be affected immediately and directly . It has the direct relavent to the achievement of organisational goal. There are 5 basic elements were considered as specific environment. There are supplier, customers, competitors and pressure group. These elements are like people around you , you sould know how to use proper methods to get on with them .Additionaly, in different organisation, specific environment must be judged depending on situation.

Secondly I would like to demonstrate general environment . it means elements that organization can not affect. Oppositely,these elements could easyly affect organization. For example, if organizations are people, general environment is the nature. If nature disaster happened , people may die. All things people can do is predict the time when nature disaster...
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