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The selected topic for the article review is Organizational Culture. Two articles were selected to be reviewed. The first article is called Organizational Culture (Organizational Culture, 1999), and the second article Team Dynamics Training and Development Workplace Culture (Rodgers, 2001). Organizational Culture is an article that gives the reader the basic definition of culture, as well as brief explanations on how culture is developed, what effects organizational culture have, compelling points, and examples of both strong and weak culture characteristics. Workplace Culture is an article that explains what determines workplace culture when it comes to formal and informal behaviors related to culture, as well as stressing the importance of culture in the workplace. The article Organizational Culture (Organizational Culture, 1999) defines culture as the shared meanings or common beliefs among an organization’s members and reiterates the importance of culture within an organization. This article explains the importance of organizations and corporations managing, understanding, and changing their cultures in order to affect or not affect the short or long term success of a company. Organizational Culture (Organizational Culture, 1999) also mentions the powerful influence a company’s founder has when the initial values and principles are instilled in an organization’s culture. For example, when a company or organization is created and chooses quality and excellent service to be their emphasis or a component of their mission statement, over time employees, suppliers, and customers will start understanding and recognizing that providing quality products and excellent service is the company’s culture. Through growth or the passing of the founder the original culture might be changed or even forgotten and if there is a decline in the business the company will start researching trying to find a solution for the company’s decline, only to find that the...

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