Topics: Commercial sexual exploitation of children, Prostitution, Human trafficking Pages: 12 (5566 words) Published: November 23, 2014
Introduction: Children are the future of any country and for a developing country like Bangladesh they are the most precious asset that needs to be nurture appropriately today so that our future remains in safe hands. But Across Bangladesh sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking adversely affect the lives of countless children, from pre-school boys and girls to adolescents. No region of Bangladesh is exempt from of the occurrence of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and trafficking although the full magnitude of the problem is unknown. One of the greatest challenges to addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation and trafficking in our country is its hidden nature- Children, families, schools, institutions, and governments are reluctant to report abuse for numerous reasons, and the majority of the cases go unreported. Another key issue is that most of the children of our country is unaware about their rights and also the absence of effective enforcement of law is responsible for children abuse and trafficking in Bangladesh. There are existing laws while implemented might have protected child trafficking and their sexual exploitation but improper implementation due to numerous causes provide the traffickers with opportunity to elude legal action. As a result the victims remain deprived of legal support. In Bangladesh the complexity of human trafficking and sexual exploitation against children has been accumulated by poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance about the consequences. According to Masako Iijima, Bangladesh and Nepal are the main sources of trafficked children in South Asia1. Human rights monitor estimates that more than 20000 women and children are trafficked from the country for the purpose of forced prostitution annualy2. 27000 Bangladeshi women and children have been forced into prostitution in Indian Brothels3. Over the last decade, 200,000 Bangladeshi girls were lured under false circumstances and sold into the sex industries in nations including Pakistan, India, and the Middle East4. According to the estimates, around 25-50 children are trafficked out of the country every month5. About 10,000 girls are active in prostitution inside the country6. 65 percent of 135 surveyed women and girls in brothels in Bangladesh were between age 11 and 13, and 33 percent were between age 13 and 157.The organised gang of traffickers is targeting the poorest of the poor and disadvantaged children for trafficking them from Bangladesh to India, Pakistan and the Middle Eastern Asian countries for engaging them in forced prostitution and various kinds of bonded labor such as slavery, sex slavery, pornography, sex tourism, camel jockey etc. Lack of information about the number of trafficked women and children and their socio-economic status is a great problem in developing techniques and mechanisms for addressing the issue.

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As children abuse, exploitation, and trafficking is one of the major issue that is growing day by day in our country the main aim of this paper is to examine the present situation of the children in our country and also to examine the different laws that exists in our country to protect children rights. Also there would be some...
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