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As well as the basic introduction in the module handout, here are some suggested…

Further Reading

The first article is essential to pass this module. You pretty much cannot do well on ‘OB’ without understanding – and I mean really understanding – the implications of this article:

1. Burke, W.W., & Litwin, G.H (1992). ‘A causal model of organizational performance and change’. Journal of Management, 18 (3): 523-545.

Then this short piece is a good place to start when considering the impact of how organisations are designed on employees’ attitudes and behaviours and performance:

2. Tsui, A.S & Wu, J.B (2005). ‘The new employment relationship versus the mutual investment approach: implications for human resource management.’ Human Resource Management, 44 (2), 115-121

As a gentle introduction to complexity theory in organisations, try this:

3. Sargut, G & McGrath, R.M. (2011). ‘Learning to live with complexity’. Harvard Business Review, September, 69-76.

The following are interesting articles for you to consider the basic structure of an organisation, and the much-maligned bureaucratic model in particular. (While it is fashionable, and ‘on-trend’, to deride bureaucracy, believe me – you will be working in one! So it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the model…)

4. Adler, P. S. (1999). Building better bureaucracies. Academy of Management Executive, 13 (4), 36-47.

5. Anand, N. & Daft, R. L. (2007). What is the right organization design? Organizational Dynamics, 36 (4), 329-344.

6. Jacques, E. (1990). In praise of hierarchy. Harvard Business Review, 68 (1), 127-133.

7. Marsh, J. G. (1996). Continuity and change in theories of organizational action. Administrative Science Quarterly, 41 (2), 278-287.

This review looks at what happens when organisations go badly wrong, and ‘fail’:

8. Mellahi, K and Wilkinson, A (200). ‘Organizational failure: a critique of recent research and a proposed...
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