Introduction to Organizational Behaviour: Assessment

Topics: Final examination, Case study, School terminology Pages: 11 (2158 words) Published: October 20, 2012
AP/ADMS 2400 3.0
Fall 2012


Custom Textbook Packet:  Colquitt, Organizational Behaviour with Connect Access Card, 1st Canadian edition with Kreitner Custom, © 2010.  This shrink-wrapped packet is available at the York University Bookstore, ISBN 0071059695).  

The packet includes:
• Colquitt, Wesson, LePine & Gellatly (2010).  Organizational Behaviour: Improving Performance and Commitment in the Workplace, Canadian Edition.  McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. Canada. •Custom publication for York University: Kreitner, Kinicki, Cole & Digby (2010), OB: Key Concepts, Skills, and Best Practices (Excerpts for AP/ADMS2400).  Includes Chapters 2 and 7 from Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour, 3rd Canadian Edition.  McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. Canada. • Connect: Enclosed with the packet is a Connect Access Card to on-line password protected resources provided by the publisher.  To register, go to  For more details about this website, see the “Additional Information/Notes” section below on this outline.

Case Book: Hoffman, R. & Ruemper, F., Organizational Behaviour Canadian Cases and Exercises. 7th Edition

Alternatively the cases are also available in e format E book of cases from Organizational Behaviour Cases, Hoffman, R. & Ruemper, F. (7th Edition) student can purchase on line. A link will be posted shortly for access to this e version.

The link to purchase the cases is the following:

No Course Kit Required

Note: Photocopying more than 10% of a textbook is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks or obtain these photocopies


Detailed Course Outline

|Week |Topic |Readings | |1 |Introduction |Colquitt Ch. 1 | | |What is Organizational Behaviour? | | | |Integrative model of OB |Casebook: Purpose and Analysis of Case Studies | | |Evidence-based research in OB | | |2 |Perception and Individual Differences |Kreitner Ch. 2 | | |Information-processing model of perception |Case: Portrait of a Canadian Advisor | | |Perceptual biases and errors | | | |Stereotypes and diversity | | | |Causal attribution | | | |Attribution biases | | |3 |Behavioural Outcomes |Colquitt Ch. 2 | | |Task performance |Colquitt Ch. 3 (pp. 60-64 only) | | |Citizenship behaviour (OCB) |Case: Club Chaos | | |Counterproductive behaviour...
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