Issac Newton mental illness

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In the Mind of a Genius
Sir. Isaac Newton was born on to a farmer on Christmas Day, December 25 1642 in the country of Lincolnshire. His Father died three months right before his birth. Isaac was a small child due to being born prematurely. When Newton was just three his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband; leaving newton in the hands of his grandmother. Newton took a disliking to his stepfather and maintained distance from his mother. Newton went to school at The King's School Grantham from when he was 12 till he was 17. He worked his way through school waiting tables and cleaning wealthier students rooms. He was taken our of school but the master at King's school convinced his mother to let him finish his education. He became the top ranked student.

He was soon admitted into Trinity College where he obtained his degree in in August of 1665. During the Great Plague of 1665 Cambridge shut down and Newton returned home. This is when he began many of his discoveries, one of them being: The Method of Fluxtions. The Method of Fluxtions explains the theories and laws of planetary motion. He also started his studies with light and color. Newton also Discovered what we know today as the Three Laws of Motion. Newton also published several of his theories.One of his publications actually described the introduction to gravity. He worked on threw trail and error to make sure he could give the information to people in need. The Principia is known to be the single most important scientific book ever written. It set foot an exact mathematical system based upon experiment and critical observation. Newton was not concerned about the wealth or fame that would come with his discoveries he wanted to put out all that he could offer to the world.

Newton suffered from what we believe is clinical depression. He often was said to be very insecure and uncomfortable with himself. He would often have fits of depression and outbursts of violent tempers. This...
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