Issues in Counselling

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Issues in Counselling




Module Title:Issues in Counselling

Module Level:Level 2 (undergraduate)

Credits: 20 Credits

Module Leader: Karen Moon

Introduction and Aims

The aim of this module is to provide an in depth understanding of professional issues and principles of good practice for counselling practitioners. You will gain knowledge of the standards of practice and counselling ethics including ethical and legal challenges. This will be provided through exploring and developing an awareness of the main values and principles of the BACP Ethical Framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. It will also explore the ideas of difference in a multi cultural and diverse society, including the issues that may arise in relation to your own cultural background and how this may impact upon the counselling relationship.

You will increase your understanding of the impact of culture within the counselling relationship whilst developing your sensitivity to the use of communication and counselling skills when working with culturally different clients. Through developing an appreciation and awareness of cultural difference, you will examine your own perceptions and interpretations of the behaviours of others and how this may lead to misunderstandings and (unintentional) oppressive practice. Therefore you will develop an understanding of the impact of culture when working with culturally different clients including the issues that may arise in relation to your own cultural background and what this may bring to the counselling relationship.

This will include a significant element of personal exploration to increase your awareness of self and the impact you have on others. You will gain an awareness of what counselling entails and how it differs from other helping activities, providing a realistic understanding of the application of counselling skills within other professions and how this compares and differs from the role of the counselling practitioner.

Module Structure and Teaching Methods

The module will be mainly taught by tutor led seminars. There will be tutor presentations – student led discussions and presentations. You will work in groups of 3 throughout the module to develop your understanding and appreciation of cultural difference and assumptions based upon your own cultural background.

The main emphasis of this module is to develop your awareness around the legal and ethical issues in counselling and the complexities of counselling in a multi cultural society. You will develop your understanding and appreciation of cultural difference and assumptions based on your own cultural background. You will also become familiar with the structure and relevance of the BACP ethical framework as well as current ethical and legal developments for counselling practitioners.

The module is worth 20 credits. Assessment is through attendance and participation in class and two formal pieces of assessment. In order to gain the 20 credits you will have to complete: * Essay in the range of 2300 – 2500 words. * Class Test based on case studies.

REMEMBER assignment deadlines must be met. If you think that you will need an extension then you must:

a) Have good cause
b) Apply for it before the assignment is due
c) Provide appropriate evidence

Please complete the appropriate form, available from the school office, and hand it to the tutor, course...
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