Jefferson Democracy, 1800-1814

Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: September 28, 2013

1. Navigating the development of the first national court system, expanding what he saw as they agrarian republic, and reducing the size of government were the domestic policies of whom? Jefferson

2. Jefferson proposed two major cutbacks. This was one cutback area. Military
3. Two of the most important developments in U.S. judicial history came about during this time. One being that _________ was not a crime. Partnership
4. Court decision declaring that William Marbury deserved his appointment but that the Court could not force the president to grant it because a federal law was unconstitutional. Marbury vs. Madison

5. Right of the courts to judge the constitutionality of federal laws; this established the Supreme Court as the ultimate interpreter of constitutional questions. Doctrine of judicial review

6. Who did Jefferson purchase the city of New Orleans from? Frane
7. The United States needed to control of New Orleans in order to have control over this river. Mississippi river
8. Tract of 830,000 square miles that stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains; Jefferson bought the rights to it from Napoleon for $15 million in 1803. Louisiana purchase

9. These two men were credited for the westward journey in which they learned an immense amount of information about the American West. Lewis and Clark
10. This act set up land-selling offices in the West, made smaller and more affordable parcels, and allowed for payment over time rather than all at one time. Land act of 1800
11. Upon his defeat of winning the governor’s race, this man challenged Alexander Hamilton to a duel in which the man shot and killed Hamilton. Aaron Burr
12. Legislation, during the Jefferson democracy, that stopped American exports from going to Europe and prohibited American ships from trading to foreign ports. This act was a failure. Embargo act of 1807

13. Congress repealed the Embargo...
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