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Groups in Organizations
Course: MGMT315
Organizational Theory & Behavior
Dr. Archie Rowe
Niquitha Dawson
April 17, 2014

Groups in Organizations
Groups are used to define people places and things. Groups are used in main corporations. The groups are there to help with the organizations productivity, to solve problems, or they are just placed there too interact on the behalf of that organization. A group is defined as two or more employees interacting with each other in a way that the behavior and or members (Gibson, Jr, & Konopaske, 2009, p. 238). Each group have different requirements. The groups are formed to complete certain goals. There are formal and informal groups both groups display common characteristics.

Formal groups are command groups and task groups. They work together to complete a certain task or project. The teams’ performance is affected by factors that influence groups like productivity. The groups’ tasks required task and interactions assist the formation of a task group. The command group is specified by the organizations chart. The group comprise of the work relationship between the manager and the supervisors to between the supervisors and subordinates. The informal groups are used naturally when grouping people in the work situation. The work situation is where they come together in response to social needs. The informal group is not made to respond to a specific task, it is designed or just formed for two reasons. One of those reasons is a group of common interest the other group is a group of friendships. The group of interest are people who have the same interest. They may not have the same task to command but they have a mutual interest. The friendship groups are formed because members have something in common, like gender, age, political beliefs, or sports interest. The friendship groups tend to communicate and interact off the job.

The organizations have ways of communicating...
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