Jw Case Study

Topics: Organizational culture, Organizational structure, Decision making Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: September 8, 2013
JW Case Study

1. Corporate Culture also know as company culture is the believes an behaviours that determine the management interaction and transactions. A corporate culture will be reflected in its dress code, business hours, employee benefits turnover, making decisions and many other aspects of operations. This person would have to reflect the values of the company; it would not stay a lot of time in the company.

2. As JW wants to establish a new culture of trust, collaboration and inspiration at the work place that ensures maximum employee involvement and production output as well as minimum wastage of resources, three main policies can be implemented to ensure this. One could be delivering results immediately that will create better communication within the employees and all the areas in the company are going to work very well, leading to solving problems quicker with the help of the people who ultimately carry out decisions, helping the company to focus on one idea and the other ideas like decision making will be faster by taking into account many of the CEO`s in the company, this way decisions are going to be quicker and carrying them would not be a problem. And finally create a boundary less organization, a removing barriers between the functions by helping the business. This way JW will succeed with her believe and everything will work in perfection and the corporate culture will be introduced to the company.

3. JW`s believe is that “ giving people self- confidence is by far the most important thing that she and other managers can do” can be linked with some theories like the theory of Charles Handy and the one of Edgar Chain. Handy suggest that we can classify organizations into a broad range of four cultures. This formation of culture will depend on whole facts like the company history, ownership, organization structure, technology, environment and many other things. The four cultures are `power, `Role`, `task`and `people`In which...
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