Koreanovela Addiction Among Filipinos

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Koreanovela Addiction among Filipinos

Karmina D. Tapang
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy BS ACCTG
Prof. John Carlos S. Adversario

Movies, soap operas, TV shows, sitcoms and even animes, these are some of things that Filipinos love to watch. We cannot deny the fact that watching is already a part of Filipino lifestyle. We can’t imagine a life without television, without cinemas and even internets which are the sources of those we want to watch.

Many Filipinos watch movies because their idols are the main character of the story. Just like Manny Fernandez, an avid fan of Carmen Rosales, a Filipino actress. He even wrote a book about Carmen and her movies and remained loyal until she died (Carballo, 2013). While some are watching because they are a fan of the characters in the movies, others watch movies for entertainment. A study proves that watching television is a form of relaxation although there is also a bad effect on our health (Magallanes, 74-75). In other words, there are different reasons that can prove that Filipinos love watching.

On the other hand, a lot of nationalities are famous on our generation and we can say that Koreans are one of those that are most popular to us. They influence Filipinos in different ways. One of these is their music. Most of the famous songs today are the so called “K-pop” or Korean pop, it is a boy or girl band like Big Bang and Girls Generation. They are usually consisting of more than 5 members, sing and dance at the same time. Most of us can’t understand their language but still loved to listen to their music. On a segment in Myx Channel called Daily Top Ten, a countdown of famous songs from top ten to one, at least three or four songs of different K-pop group are included in this countdown. Even the outfit and their hairstyle were being adopted by us. Yesstyle.com is an online server that offers fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. They also give opinions how to dress nicely in different occasions and Korean style is one of their guides on matching types of clothes. There are a lot of online servers that are the same with the Yesstyle in our country that is why we can say that we are greatly influenced by Koreans.

We can also see the Korean invasion when watching Korean dramas or Koreanovelas. It is televised dramas in miniseries format that are aired on our country (Chitransh, 2012). We can notice that different koreanovelas were being watched and topics of conversations online. Many of us loved watching these because of different reasons and we can say that we are addicted to them especially the teenagers. Body

Channel networks like GMA and ABS-CBN televised different Koreanovelas because they know that many of us will watch those dramas and because they are popular today. They even replay those dramas that have been televised already because of public demand. In short many of us are really addicted in Koreanovelas, one reason why we chose these dramas rather than Filipino dramas.

Those who love watching koreanovelas have reasons why they watch these dramas and according to the study of Alanzalon, fans or even other audiences consume media for precise physiological means. Some watch koreanovelas because the plot of their stories is more realistic than Filipino dramas. Usually, in the Filipino drama, the main character will suffer in so many problems and his life will always be in danger but still have a happy ending where the main actor and the leading lady will be together. This kind of story is very common that many don’t want to watch this dramas having this story. While in a Koreanovela, it has different stories for each drama. 1It can be flagship Korean drama that runs for 16-20 episodes or historical epics that have 50-100 episodes. 2Flagship dramas has two categories, stories set in modern South Korea like Winter Sonata and...
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