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For Lewin’s model the first step is unfreezing which usually invovles reducing those forces that maintain the organization’s behaviour at its presents level.At this level,sometimes accomplished by ‘pshycological disconfirmation’.Where memebers can be motivated in engage to change. The second step shifts the behaviour of organization, individual or department to a new level.It invovles new behaviour, values and attitudes through changes in organizational process and structures.As for the last step,it stabalize the organization at a new state of equilibrium.Usually accomplished to the supporting reinforce of the new organizational states such as organizational pilicies,norms and cultures.Lewins model provide a general framework for understanding organizational change. The action research model focuses on planned change on a cylical process in which initial research about the organization provides information as a guide for subsequent action.The result are asses to provide further information that will guide further action.This cycle involves considerable collaboration between organization and OD practitioners . It places heavy emphasis on data gathering and diagnosis prior to action planning and implementation as well as detail evaluation of the result after action has been taken. For posotive model,there are five steps, the first nitiate the inquiry is to know the subject of change. It points up the associate participation to recognize the organizational issue they have the most energy to address. For second step, Inquire into best practises is assembling data that is the best in the organization. The discovering themes is about the members of the organization who look at the stories that are gathered previously which may include both small and large, to recognize a set of themes which are demonstrating the common scope of people's experiences.For fourth steps,members...
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