Lade Plating Case Study

Topics: Motivation, Problem solving, Organizational studies Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: January 6, 2009
lade Plating Case Study


The Plating Department of the Slade Company has been very successful at meeting production demands. ... Changing company culture is one the main tasks that we recommend to solve problems in the Slade Plating Department. In order to change this department’s culture and open up more lines of communication, we recommend involving Plating Department Supervisor Otto Schell. ... The individual who is assuming the newly established position of Plating Department Assistant Supervisor should be motivated, outwardly caring, and from within the department. ...

Lack of Concern for Employees

Based on opinions given by Slade Plating employees, we have determined that there is a lack of upper management attention expressed towards the department. ... This will demonstrate management’s concern for employees’ well being as people, and not just plating machines. ... The cost of constructing an additional well-equipped lunchroom to the current plating room is about $75 per square foot . ... Company social outings that include the entire Slade Plating Department and members of upper management could play a similar dual role of showing concern and unifying the department into one larger group. ... One of the main motivations that employees have stated for staying with the Slade Plating Department is job security. ...

Worker Motivation

The workers in the plating department exhibit low job motivation due to previously mentioned factors. ... The addition of the new lunch room in the plating department will show the workers that their comfort level while eating lunch is important to the company. ...

Time Card Problem

Ralph Porter, the production manager of the Slade Company, has concerns regarding the employees’ dishonesty about their actual working hours on timecards. ...

Employee Payment Strategy
We believe that the plans previously mentioned, once implemented, will dramatically increase the...
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