Last Week

Topics: Ageing, Old age, English-language films Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: March 22, 2015
-last week, my friend has invited me to join the trip with her. The trip is to visit an old folk home nearby. -I feel so excited because this is the first time I visit old folk home,I haven’t had any experience to visit an old folk home . -lily asked me to bring some Daily necessities ,food to the older people that living in old folk home. -the night before I went to visit old folk home, I cannot slept very well and in my conception the older people who were living in old folk home will have a well cared and they will felt happy because there had a caring nurse take care of them . -Just the opposite, when I reached the old folk home with my friend, i was speechless because the older people who was living in the old folk home was unhappy, they feel so lonely. - Some of them sitting on the bed quietly and lonely and Some of them cant even move ,they only can laid on the bed . -The nurses that have to take care of them were neglecting them ,they cannot have a well cared in this old folk home. -I picked up my bad mood and give away the thing that I brought .Although it was not expensive, I hope they like it. -I were talking to The old man that had a fringe of grey-white hair around his balding, mottled scalp. He had a wizened face and a back slightly hunched. With each movement there was the creak of old bones.He had the resigned look of one who knows that at his age life has stopped giving and only takes away.
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