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Topics: Prostitution, Human trafficking, Slavery Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: September 24, 2013
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Human trafficking has been a serious problem over the world. There are four categories of human trafficking: Sex trafficking, forced labor, bounded labor, and child soldiers. Sex trafficking is the most widespread and severe. Women and younger girls are forced to be prostitutes. They cannot escape, and they have to suffer unbearable pain every moment. Nowadays there is a growing concern over whether decriminalize prostitution reduce sex trafficking. According to Cari Mitchell, legalize prostitution can decrease sex trafficking. She believes it can ensure sex workers’ safety and also they can break away from torture because they can find other jobs easily without a criminal report. However, the problems are policing and crime act. For example, Britain increased the criminalization of sex workers under the cover of measures to criminalize clients in 2000. 75% of sex workers in London have suffered violence, but the government put the spear point at those vulnerable prostitutes. Governments and laws do not provide them a legal protection, and they even have been treated as immigration offenders. Thus it can be seen that decriminalize the prostitution will make sex workers raise their heads to be real persons. Also, the police will bring rapists and traffickers to justice instead of prostitutes and clients. Conversely, Norma Ramos considers that legalizing prostitution is not the way to end it, and it is totally wrong. She explains that prostitution is the world’s oldest suppression. That is an expression of sex discrimination and inequality. Prostitution is not a choice for those sex workers, and they cannot refuse and resist. Regulate prostitution could be considered as a denial of the promise of impartiality for females. What’s more, it offers a good chance for human trafficking. Decriminalize prostitution is equal to a permit to traffickers to publish and spread their business. Some nations like Germany, which have legalized prostitution, have admitted...
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