Topics: Prostitution, Decriminalization, Crime Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Sexual desire is one of the inevitable desires of human in every society, especially in monogamous society where prostitution is always needed. A large number of people have a negative, unwelcoming look toward sex work which lead to the prostitution criminalising approval. Recently, people have seen the need of decriminalizing prostitution and there are piles of argument around this. Legalizing prostitution should be done instantly because of it’s benefits over aspects such as crime, social condition, and sex workers’ right themselve. One significant advantage of legalizing prostitution is the decrease of criminal rates, in cluding violent crimes, trafficking and underground crimes. According to European intervention project AIDS prevention for prostitutes [EUROPAP], 1999, existing law and policies which con-legalizing prostitution, create major obstacles to the violent criminal control, especially violence against sex worker. Liberator(2005) also stated that “The countries where prostitution is legal do not suffer from a high number of violent crimes”. On Data Driven Analysis table1, he showed the rates on violent crimes such as murder and rape of United State which has illegalized prostitution in all states except Nevada, in comparison with other contries that pro-legalization such as Denmark, Netherland, and France. Apparently, the criminal rates of United States top the lists, five times higher than above countries’ rates on murder[0.005% in US contrasted with 0.001% in Denmark, Netherland, and France] and three times higher on rape[0.032% in US over 0.009% in the rest countries]. Beside violent crimes, trafficking is also one of the interested issues related to prostitution and legalizing may diminish this crime rate. As Worldwide Health Organization Regional office for the Western Pacific(2001,July) investigated that owing to the restricted law on prostitution[criminalizing lawes and policies], trafficking and illegal migrantion...

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