Life and Syllable Words

Topics: Life, Verb, Sentence Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: April 2, 2013

Question 1
A) One – syllable words
-world and cops
Two –syllable words
-stunned and melting
Three –syllable words
-greatest and icecaps
Four –syllable words
-satellite and Antarctica
Five- syllable words
B) Knit and graduate
Desk and plot
C) Biodiversity is the richness of life on earth from fresh air to clean water to a stable climate. But we are in danger of losing our earth; damaged environment would hurt us all. Join us at friends of earth to make a difference to finding solutions to these threats. Present tense - fresh air, clean water, stable, environment, in danger. Non phrases - Life on earth, friends of the earth

Modal verb – will
Pronoun – friends

Question 2

Question 3
1. Older people (men and women)
As one gets older it’s important to invest in oneself to enjoy life later on in the future. The advert also has a pronounced part of the print in the word AGE thus subliminally making older people take note 2. The advert is communicating both in direct and indirect messages. By using the product you will be wise; to invest is always a good positive thing shielding one from future adverse events- in this case the deterioration of your skin. By high lighting the word age, the message tells us what we know we all age; but here is a product that can be invested in that will make our future skin better. In some way slow the aging, by using the word smart after age there are again two messages; one sublingually – you will be smart to invest in this product as well as being a smart choice for the future to use the product. A lot of people recognize the word derm meaning skin as in dermatologist (skin specialist) thus giving the name a fancy connotation like dermalogico, adds mystique if you were to use such a product.
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