Listening Essay for Men and Woman

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Body language Pages: 3 (1212 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Listening awareness between a Man and Woman

It’s a learning experience to discuss communication variances between men and woman, but society must also forget, even for a brief moment that, “Men are from Mars, Woman are from Venus”. Everyone shouldn’t ponder how a woman or men would act, without knowing the self-esteem factors of listening can do. Don’t we ponder why woman are so easily give up in asking for directions, while men tend to not give up easily and try find there way out of an unknown town. Currently, society is just the beginning to understand the true differences between men and women. Besides the obvious physiological differentiations, there are also differences in the way men and women think, speak, behave and sharing listening factor variances that will help guide the way women and men can help communicate without it having any effect on one’s self-esteem.

Non-verbal communication, because actions may sometimes speak louder than words “ Women are more spontaneously emotionally expressive yet also have less ability in controlling their emotions, while men are more direct minded and straight to the point” (Jeff Thompson, Psychology Today Article). Body language is becoming for as a significance tool to identify any mixed signals, warning signs or welcoming behaviors between a man a woman, and this can lead to a low or high self-stem as well. Such as, people are enjoying more quiet moments, and just using welcoming body language or positive non-verbal communication, and simply the other person would listen by responding back with a sincere smile, hug, etc. Another aspect of non-verbal communication, it can send of the varied vibes of male dominance, men tend to have a more closed approach, while woman will show more affiliate body movement and response to a non-verbal reaction. Listening with reactions, and no verbal can leave men and woman having a dissimilar outlook, such as when woman touch there self’s too much, it may be identified as...
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