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Topics: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Name_______________________________________________________________ Period __________ AP World History Ch 4 Reading Study Guide #1 P. 80-87
1. What is the significance of the Marathon in Greek history? Pg.80 2. Why did Xerxes invade Greece? Why did he fail?
3. Why did Greeks call Non-Greeks “Barbarians”?
4. Why is Greco-Roman history considered “OUR” background/history in the US & Europe? Pg.81 (Timeline Pg. 82)
5. When, roughly, was the Kingdom of Mycenae and the legendary Trojan War? __________ 6. When was the rise of Greek City-States?__________ 7.When were the Iliad & Odyssey compiled?__________ 8. What was Athens at its height? __________ 9. When were the Peloponnesian Wars? __________ 10. When was Alexander the Great’s empire?__________ 11. The resulting Hellenistic Era? __________ 12. When was the greatest extent of Roman Imperial territory? __________ 13. When did the Roman Empire BEGIN to decline? __________ 14. When did the Empire “END”? __________ 15. What were the TWO centers of Mediterranean Civilization? 16. What was the extent and impact of the early classical Persian Empire? 17. Where and how did Greek civilization get its start? What epic literature is identified with this culture? 18. What was the basic unit of Greek civilization?

19. In what sporting contest did the Greek communities participate? What may be symbolism of this? 20. In what important military endeavor did the major Greek powers cooperate? 21. Describe the rule of Pericles in Athens.

22. How did Athens and Sparta come to rival each other in the Peloponnesian Wars? 23. What was the next major Greek-influenced power to rise after the exhausting Peloponnesian Wars? 24. Describe the conquests of Alexander the Great (begun by his father Phillip II). 25. How did the conquests of Alexander lead to the Hellenistic period? What was the impact of this period? 26. How did the Roman Republic gain influence over the Western Mediterranean? 27. Which two famous Roman relatives laid the...
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