Love and Siddhartha

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In Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, we see Siddhartha go on a long journey to achieve Nirvana. Nirvana plays a very important role in this novel. Nirvana is “The implication is that it is freedom from what ever binds you, from the burning passion of desire, jealousy, and ignorance.” You can have no feelings or love towards any individual, and absolutely no desire.”(Buddhism 101) Siddhartha through out his journey overcomes challenges that eventually lead to him achieving nirvana. There is a great feeling when you achieve nirvana “Once the goals are totally overcome, a state of bliss is achieved, and there is no longer the need the cycle of birth and death. All karmic debts are settled.”(Buddhism 101) You reach another spiritual level and you become elite and have a lot of knowledge. Siddhartha realizes that to achieve this goal of nirvana you need to love, and that’s the key to life. The theme of Siddhartha is the importance of love. This theme is portrayed through Siddhartha’s journey from arrogance to love, during which he go through several religious stages.

Siddhartha’s first stage in his journey to nirvana is a conventional Brahmin and Samana. Siddhartha demonstrates an ideal Brahmin from the beginning of the book; “Siddhartha had already long taken part in the learned men’s conversation and had engaged in debate with Govinda and practiced the art of contemplation”. Siddhartha starts off as a well educated, spiritual Brahman in the first stage of his journey. Siddhartha’s dad is very proud of his ideal sons achievements as a Brahmin and “he sees him growing up to be a great learned man and priest and a prince among the Brahmins”(p. 4). Siddhartha has a goal to try to achieve Nirvana his “one single goal was to become empty of thirst, desire, dreams, pleasant sorrow and to let the self die.” Siddhartha is learning a lot from the samanas, hoping to eventually achieve the goal of nirvana, Siddhartha “learned a great deal from the...
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