Lucy Hoobs

Topics: Dentistry, Dental surgery, Oral and maxillofacial surgery Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: July 30, 2010
(March 14 1833- October 3 1910) Lucy hobbs taylor ,was the first woman of America and also of the world ,to earn a DDS degree to become a qualified dentist in the year 1866 from the ohio college of dental surgery(the second dental school in the world) in Cincinnati,OHIO. EARLY LIFE:

Lucy hobbs was Born on 14 march 1833 in Newyork and entered the working world by started teaching in school in Michigan for 10 years. In the year 1859,aged 26 she moved to Cincinnati,OHIO,intending to become a dentist. Initially she was refused admission to a dental school but she remained focussed and started a private programme of study from a professor from Ohio college of dental surgery. DENTAL CAREER:

After studying dentistry privately she started her own practice in Cincinnati in the year 1861.she then moved to few other cities and then to mcgregor ,IOWA,where she spent 3 years. In 1865 she finally gained all professional recognition when she was allowed to join IOWA state dental society,in the November of same year she entered the ohio college of dental surgery and soon earned her doctorate(in 4 months of study) in dentistry on 21 february 1866 and became the first woman in the world and US to graduate from a dental school. PERSONAL LIFE:

Lucy hobbs later moved to Chicago,where she met james m taylor,(civil war veteran & railway maintanance worker) whom she married april 24,1867,becoming LUCY TAYLOR. She convinced her husband to enter the field of dentistry and guided him to become a dentist and then moved to lawerance,Kansas where they practiced jointly until her husband’s death in the year 1886. After her husband’s death she ceased to be an active dentist and became more active in politics,campaigning for greater women’s right until her own death on 3rd October 1910, aged 77. LEGACY:

By the year 1900,almost 1000(one thousand)women had followed lucy taylor into the field of dentistry,an increase largely and surely...
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