Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: January 31, 2014
roy metos
English 112.03
The central character in Lysistrata by Aristophanes is mainly about women, thus breaking with the custom of other plays written during this time period in Greek history. Not only is it main women, Lysistrata, strong and well-spoken, it yields considerable political power during a period in which women were sidelines from affairs of the state. Sarcasms is effectively used and seen in Lysistrata by stereotyping women in general and then the diverse classes of women as well. Sex is used as humorous tool to covey the power of women. By using their femininity as a tool, these leading women in Lysistrata achieve political control and in the process, highlight the absolute themes of the submissive nature of “typical” women by proving to be in such sharp contrast. In spite of the differences between the plots in this plays, the fact remains that females, as seen in Lysistrata are represented as proficient of wielding powering in politics and social affairs. By presenting readers with a powerful central female character, Aristophanes is showing both sides of women—the dominant and the subservient. While Lysistrata is indisputable the leader of the political movement, there are features of her character that are more masculine than the other females we encounter, which aids to lend this story some degree of trustworthiness since male (and likely female) spectators of the time would have found the plot to be completely amazing if the main character that affected such change was a “typical” woman. Lysistrata breaks from the customary role of a female in many ways, but the upsetting part about this separation is that she seems almost too masculine and detached from the world of the other women she encounters. The theme of powerful women characters watching others of their gender as weak and helpless is sustained in Lysistrata. The main variance is that since it is more of a comedy; the women are sex-crazed and domestic. It can...
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