Macro Cause of Human Trafficking

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Johannes Kieding
Social Policy
Human Trafficking Research Paper
Professor Everett

Causes of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST), Macro-Analysis

There are structural and individual theories as to the cause of Domestic Minor Sex trafficking, henceforth referred to as DMST. Individual explanations tend to focus on the idea of demand, and finds factors such as men's sexual impulses and desire for monetary profits as leading contributing causes of DMST. The following paragraphs, however, will focus on the structural explanations of why DMST occurs on the scale that it does. The marco-level ideas as to the causes of DMST all fit within a broad category of a culture of tolerance. The US culture of tolerance includes patriarchy and sexism, a glorification of pimping and prostitution, as well as a highly sexualized youth culture.

Kimberly Kotrla, in “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States,” mentions the demand for DMST “results from the normalization and promotion of commercial sex across America” (2010, p. 183). Kortrla continues to list the various venues through which this culture of tolerance is promoted: “clothing, songs, television, video games, and other forms of entertainment” (2010, p. 183). Kortrla references, among other examples, a free online game called Keep Pimpin', where the idea is that you get to “slap your hoes,pimp the streets, kill the competition, and ally with your friends to take the pimp world by storm.” She also refers to song lyrics that glorify and promote sexual exploitations and the objectification of women. In line with Kotrla's thinking, children's clothing exists, a particular type of pants come to mind that has words such as “juicy” on the back-side, and “pink” on the front side. The idea here is that young children are being commodified as sex objects.

Karen Hoover, in “Determinants of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking,” mentions pornography as a major contributor to a culture of tolerance of DMST....

References: Kotrla, K. (2010). Domestic minor sex trafficking in the United States. National Association of Social Workers, 181-187.
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