Manage organization change

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Application 3.4

This article is focus on the relationship of the organizational culture with the management and employees. "Default" culture is a kind of non-written ideology build by a group of internal stakeholder of a organization. This kind of culture usually build by a group of powerful employees which is usually have been serve of a long time. This group of employees usually are middle - upper class and develop a better network which share the same culture in the company. The article indicate that this default culture may not positive to the organization's success in the near future.

STEVE RUSSELL is the president and CEO of Asia Pacific He believe that the value of their corporation should be fully distributed not only to its leadership and they should sharing the culture and success to all of the stakeholders and to the communities they serve. They believe philanthropy should be woven into every thread of corporate existence. We believe more than the culture that Steve is achieving and mansion, public relationship is more likely to Steve's strategy in the back, as Steve said it the end, "This approach also has a major business benefits as it engages customers and shows the communities in which we operate we're an organization worth doing business with or working for." This show what the result that Steve create wants. No matter which approach, philanthropy is more and more recognize as a Corporate Social Responsibility nowadays. This is the trend that people agree with the culture. In short, this is not only benefit to the community itself, but also to the corporation and the stakeholder. We define this culture is positive and should keep working.
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