Marketing Plan

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Contents of Marketing Plan|
Contents NO.| Subject|
1| Executive Summary Company introduction and background| 2| Eco-friendly summary-What are Eco-friendly products|
3| Important and relevant statistics and percentages|
4| Product information and usage instructions|
5| Comparison between usage and non-usage of Enviroplug|
6| Situation / Market Analysis, SWOT Analysis and Competition Analysis| 7| Marketing strategy and STP Analysis; how Enviroplug will be advertised and promoted| 8| Marketing Mix ,Market demand and need for product|

9| Financial Projection, Sales forecast and stock control|

Executive Summary
The following is a marketing plan for the Eco-friendly ‘Enviroplug’ In this plan we analyses the market’s need for the product, along with comparisons with competing companies marketing the same (or a similar) product. It contains the planned and built-up strategy, as well as financial projection and control. We will also be looking at the various ways of introducing, advertising, promoting and selling the product. The plan contains a brief summary on Eco-friendly products, important statistics and the benefits of using Eco-friendly products and how we can use this to influence sales.

Company introduction and background

Nigel’s Eco Store (NES) is an online organization (based in the United Kingdom) that specialises in producing numerous Eco-friendly products that infliction or minimal harm to the environment. NES was set up in 2005, with the its main goal being to produce new eco products to add to their range that use less energy, re-use materials, don't pollute, or that are natural and organic, and compared to non-eco alternatives, do the same job and have similar functions. The organization constantly looks for new and innovative, environmentally friendly, natural and organic products, and makes them easier for people all over the world to have and own, so all can make a noticeable and much improved move towards environmental sustainability.

What are Eco-friendly products?

Eco-friendly products are products that are environmentally friendly; Eco-friendly products are sustainable, can be recycled, feature energy savings and inflict no harm to the environment. Any product that reduces fossil fuel use, reduces the power consumed, or is made from renewable resources is Eco-friendly.

Relevant figures and statistics
According to research, 93% of U.S consumers say they definitely or may purchase Eco-friendly products. Behavior Factors
In a Consumer Behavior Report, the following data was presented * 50% of online shoppers purchase eco-friendly products because it will reduce the impact on their children’s generation * 82% of online shoppers said they needed help finding merchant availability and eco-friendly products * 68% of online say that buying eco-friendly products is important; 35% say that to buy eco-friendly products it is extremely important to them * 74% of the respondents said that being a positive eco-friendly example to others is important to them * 46% of online shoppers say that ‘energy efficient’ is the most important attribute when buying eco-friendly appliances * 70% of online adults say that the statement ‘ I’m concerned about the environment’ describes their attitude * The UK organic industry continues to expand, growing 21.8% in year 2006 The previous statistics will prove essential when marketing, promoting and advertising Enviroplug. About Enviroplug

What is Enviroplug?
Enviroplug is a Mobile Phone Energy Saving Adapter that is used for...
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