Marketing Research Analysis

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King’s Journey, Inc
Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

3. Strategic Focus and Plan

4. Situation Analysis

5. Market-Product Focus

6. Marketing Program

7. Financial Data and Projections

8. Organization structure

9. Implementation Plan

Appendix A. Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel

Appendix B. Detailed Financial Projections
1. Executive Summary

2. Company Description

King’s Journey, Inc., is a 24 hour, seven day a week transportation service, adult elderly home care giving service, and a home food delivery service that operates seven days a week to assist the elderly or disabled community. The need for these services are there are thousands of elderly people who are unable to drive to get groceries, pay bills, socialize or are homebound, no relatives, or any one to care for them. Or because of their age, unable to have a license and can no longer legally drive. We can provide services that can assist the elderly with companionship, groceries not only during the week but on the weekends too. Also transportation to where ever they may need to go, when ever they need the service.

3. Strategic Focus and Plan


Provide superior care to our customers. To further, assist them by maintaining their independence and quality of life with companionship, groceries, and mobility. Goals
● Nonfinancial goals
1. Although we begin our operation in Indianapolis Metropolitan area, would like to become a nationwide business by 2014. 2. To be among the top organizations that provides these services around the country. 3. Provide the highest quality of customer service to our customers, by hiring responsible, caring individuals that believe in what we are doing. 4. To provide consistent, superior and reliable care for our customers. 5. To offer a non-profit side of the organization that help benefit the low-income families. ● Financial goals

1. To obtain a real (inflation-adjusted) growth in earnings per share of 6 percent per year over time. 2. To obtain a return on equity of at least 10 percent
3. To have a public stock offering by the year 2014.

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
King’s Journey, Inc., core competency seeks to become the top service provider for the elderly in our nation. To assist the low income as well with superior care, companionship, food and transportation.

To sustain the competitive advantages we will work with other organizations that assist with the elderly and disabled. Such as food banks, homeless initiatives, Medicaid, Medicare, other insurance providers. Building these relationships with ensure that the service we provide will sustain a service that is so greatly needed our nation.

4. Situation Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Figure 1 shows the projected internal and external factors that may affect the market opportunities for King’s Journey, Inc.

Figure 1. SWOT Analysis for King’s Journey, Inc.

|Internal Factors |Strengths |Weaknesses | |Management |Hired experienced management team and board | | |Offerings |Superior and reliable service | | |Marketing |Local newspapers, radio, retirement homes, |Initially not enough personal for the demand. | | |hospitals, doctor office, other organizations | | |...
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