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Q 1) Describe the concept of vision and mission in an organization. A) A mission is a statement of the reason or reasons for the existence of the organization, the ultimate purpose the organization serves in society, and the boundaries within which it operates. A mission is one of the four key building blocks of an organizational plan. The other three are vision, goals, and strategy. A mission sets direction and defines the boundaries, both of which are critical to the organization's effectiveness and success.

If the mission describes your reason for being, then the vision describes what you want to become or how you want to be. It is the “dream” toward which you are moving. You hear star baseball players talk about as children seeing themselves on the pitcher’s mound or at the plate in the World Series or football players envisioning playing quarterback in the Super Bowl. Those are visions.

Collins and Porras have spelt vision into four parts: 1. Core Values: The core values are those things which are very close to your heart and you will not give up at any cost. It can be integrity or quality. Personal values and business values may differ. If you have too many core values, they fail to remain “core” and lose their impact. When you have a decision dilemma, they come up like a light house to navigate you.

2. Core purpose: Core purpose is the purpose of the organization. This is something that you want to achieve within the framework of our core values. It gives the achievement orientation to the business and therefore the focus. When we get an opportunity to expand or sell off and if we are in a decision dilemma, this acts as another light house.

3. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal or (BHAG ) : The BHAG is about having a goal which qualifies the purpose. We say that the BHAG should be big yet specific and that your chance of attaining it is only 70 %. If the probability of attaining it is more than 70%, perhaps your BHAG is not big enough and not audacious enough and you have set your goals too low.

4. The vivid description: The vivid description should make the entire vision statement very inspiring to all stakeholders. It should be simple and easily understandable. STRATEGY:
Once you have your vision, you have to see how that vision can be executed. Here is where the strategy comes in. Strategy means grand plan and can be divided into three. 1) Corporate Strategy: The grand plan created by the corporate headquarters is called “Corporate Strategy”. It lays down the grand plan to be followed by each business under a corporate headquarters. 2) Business Strategy: Every business, small or big, has a business strategy. This is the grand strategy for doing the business. 3) Functional Strategy: Once you have business strategy, each independent department will need its own strategy. In other words, the grand plan made by each functional area is called functional strategy. If you are large and well diversified, you may have an information strategy, supply chain strategy, Operation strategy, finance strategy, marketing strategy etc.

Q 2) Define Planning. Explain the importance of planning. A) Deciding about all the aspect is called planning. A problem about taking decision on these matters rises when there are more than one possible answers.. therefore it can be said to be a process of choosing . Definition of planning :

According ot koontz and O’donnell,” Planning is deciding in advance What to do , how to do it, when to do it, and who is to do it.” Characteristics of planning
1 Management begins with planning and planning begins with the determining of objectives. In the absence of objectives no organization can ever...
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