Topics: Catharsis, Tragedy, Euripides Pages: 1 (451 words) Published: April 8, 2014

MEDEA is a Greek tragedy about betrayal, revenge, and pride. In the play MEDEA is betrayed by her husband Jason, he decided to marry another woman to gain more power. Through the play MDEA get revenge on everyone that has done her wrong. I don’t think MEDEA is a traditional tragedy I feel it has feature that separate it from the traditional tragedy, but it does have many characteristics of a traditional tragedy. One of the similar characteristics MEDEA and traditional tragedy have in common is the need for a hero. Which is someone caught in a series of tragic circumstances and knows that there no turning back from the action that they have taking, also they are flawed in some way. MEDEA shows all of those characteristics throughout the play. MEDEA first murder her brother and betrayed her family for Jason, than move to Greece with Jason where he decided to marry another woman leaving her with a bunch of empty promises, than she threaten the king and his daughter so she was banish from their land and lastly she plans to kill Jason new wife and her kids to punish Jason for betraying her. MEDEA biggest flaw is her pride and her need for revenge. It’s the need for these things that cause MEDEA to act in such a vicious way. MEDEA may not be a typical hero but she is a tragic hero because she was done wrong and corrected those actions by getting revenge. Some other similar that MEDEA and traditional tragedy have in common is that audience is moved by pity and fear. The audience has pity for MEDEA because of how she was betrayed by Jason and they also have fear that a situation like this could actually happen to them. I have actually seen these types of events still in today world between couples, of course the events weren’t as extreme as MEDEA but they were close as you can get. At the end MEDEA lead you into cathartic experience, which purges all your emotion leaving you with a satisfy experience . Another similarly MEDEA and traditional tragedy have is their...
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