Medea-Oppression and Marginalisation of the Outsider

Topics: Sociology, Ancient Greece, Family Pages: 3 (1045 words) Published: September 27, 2008
Medea and her family, including Jason are all outsiders, as the setting of this story is in Corinth, where Medea left her hometown for. They are all there as foreigners, hence they are all considered as outsiders in the country. Medea is an outsider in 4 ways. Firstly, she is a foreigner like her family members. Secondly, she is a woman in this patriarchal society of ancient Greek. Thirdly, she is a semi-goddess in a human world. Lastly, she does not fit into the gender stereotype of women at that time, when women should be weak and gentle, not warrior-like. She also became an outsider to her family as she was exiled. Line 14 pg 3,” exile was bearable”. She is a foreigner as she left her hometown to a foreign country “She knows now what it means to leave home. Anywhere else you’re a foreigner.” – 4, 35-36 “But I’m alone, stateless, abused/ By a husband like something picked up abroad./No mother. No brother. No relation/ To turn to in a time of trouble” – 10, 254-258 “But you left your home,/ Passion in your heart,/ Past the twin rocks/ To a foreign country” – 15, 431- 434 She’s a foreigner to this unfamiliar land, hence she is yet to be accepted into this society. She will be a foreigner to her family if she goes back too as she has betrayed her family. She became a foreigner to every place, and now she’s exiled from Corinth, she has no where to go. “What city will take me in, grant me asylum,/ A home, security form avengers?/ Nothing. Nowhere” – 14, 388-389 This sentence depicts the situation that Medea was in. She’s a foreigner to everyone has nowhere to go. She could not even turn to her family as she betrayed them for Jason. Woman-

“Poor women/ No living, breathing creatures feels as we do.” –9,230 “ When a man starts to get bored at home/ He can visit a friend, some kindred spirit, / Look for consolation elsewhere,/ We have a single focus, him.” –10,245-248 “And once she’s married, there’s no saying “no”./ It’s her who has to change the...
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