Media and Prostitution

Topics: Prostitution, Film, Rape Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: April 21, 2013
MEDIA and Prostitution
Thinking about prostitutions
When we think about prostitutes first thing comes in our mind and that is women selling their bodies for sex. We don’t even consider it a both sex issue. The fact of the matter is that thirty 30 % of men are prostitutes also Movies and Prostitution

When we were kids, we used to dress up in adult clothes and pretend we were movie stars. But know we grow up and we can observe all the things. Through movies media shows us like if we see movie "Pretty Woman" the lead character and heroine of the movie is a prostitute. In the end of the movie she finds happiness. Julia Roberts finds true love and lives the rest of her life in pure bliss. The person she finds (all because of prostitution) is handsome, nice, and loaded with money. But in real life this kind of "Cinderella Story" does not exist. Very first thing comes in our mind is that not all prostitutes are beautiful and gorgeous like Julia Roberts. The point is when women are being used for sex and treated like playing doll no one cares what they look like. In the bol movie meena gives a birth to a baby girl she wants to save her daughter so she give her daughter to his father place. There are no casting directors in real life and no one yells "cut" to save a prostitute from actually having sex. It's a harder life for them no one can imagine what is going inside the heart of prostitute. Sex in movies, but what is real life consequences

Our media is showing us many movies related to prostitution. When there's a sex scene in the movie audience attract towards sex. Even when the actresses portray prostitution it's a very passionate and humid sex scene that is enjoyable for the audience. But in real life the existence of prostitution is meaningless to all woman kinds. Sex industry or film industry in Pakistan

Sex industry of Pakistan also contributed a lot to the film industry of Pakistan. We can easily saw that 80% of actresses of our industry are...
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