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DATE: February 17, 2012

SUBJECT:Business Ethics

Over the recent years, the level of increasing demands for accountability been directed at both businesses and NGOs has tremendously grown. Below is a brief comparison of two different bodies on business ethics: one in the United Kingdom and the other in the US showing how their values or ideas on Ethics align. CIMA | FORBES|

* Importance of having a corporate structure that is accountable and transparent. * Requires our members to do the right thing – even when nobody is looking. * Ensures that we have an evolving skill set that is rooted in ethical behavior. * They ensure organizations have an open working culture where employees are urged to speak up about their concerns. * It is the job of both employers and professional organizations to create a support system that makes these attitudes a thing of the past. * They make sure ethics is embedded in the syllabus and our support services ensure members can make informed decisions. * They believe Leadership should take action against wrong-doers and communicate these cases more openly. * Good thinking means good business.| * Providing adequate knowledge about values and corporate responsibility in their students. * business schools can develop a corps of ethical leaders who will build and command a more principled corporate culture in the future * Schools not only have a responsibility to keep this issue front and center—and to weigh these cases in the classroom—but also to lay the foundation for a more ethical business culture. * By instilling a deep reservoir of knowledge about values and corporate responsibility in their students * Business schools in the United States and around the world must align their...
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