MGMT 591 Final Exam Updated Leadership And Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Motivation, Organizational studies, Management Pages: 9 (3088 words) Published: September 16, 2015
MGMT 591 Final Exam Updated Leadership And Organizational Behaviour   

IF You Want To Purcahse A+ Work then Click The Link Below For Instant Down Load IF You Face Any Problem Then E Mail Us At JOHNMATE1122@GMAIL.COM (TCOs A& B) What is organizational learning? Why is it important for firms to emphasize organizational learning? (Points: 10) Organizational learning is an organization-wide ongoing process that improves its collective ability to accept, make sense of, and respond to external and internal change. It requires the.. (TCOs E & F) Please identify and give examples of four of the five indirect conflict management strategies. (Points: 10) Four of the five indirect conflict management strategies include reduced interdependence, appeals to common goals, hierarchical referral, and alterations in the use of mythology and scripts. Reduced interdependence involves making.. (TCO A, B) An organization is a collection of people working together within a given structure and culture to achieve a common purpose. Identify and describe the three components that assist the organization in meeting its goals and list any three of the five components of job satisfaction that contribute to a company meeting these goals. (Points: 10) Three components that assist the organization in meeting its goal include an organizational identity, a long-rage strategic plan, and staff development and organizational culture. The organization’s identity consists of its mission, vision, and… (TCO G) The Michigan and Ohio State studies represent seminal research on leadership theory. Both studies identified two basic forms of leader behaviors. What were the similarities in the findings from these two studies and what was the significance of the research? (Points : 30) In the late 1940s, researchers at the University of Michigan sought to identify the leadership pattern that results in an effective performance. From interviews of high and low performing groups in different organizations the researchers derived two basic forms of… (TCO A, B) Define organizational behavior and list the four emotional intelligence competencies that contribute to understanding ourselves and others within the organizational behavior environment. (Points : 10) Organizational behavior is a culture that is a shared set of beliefs and values within an organization (Schermerhorn et al., 2012, p. 9).  It influences the way people act and feel in organizations.  For example, an authoritarian culture restricts the employees from.. (TCO B) Faxco Incorporated is a business with 500 employees.  The CEO of the company has recently learned based on employee surveys. That the employees are not very happy with the company in fact the CEO is starting to believe that this may be the reason why Faxco is experiencing slower sales and a recent budget crisis which threatens to shut down …(Points: 45) The attitudes of the employees affect their behavior, which in turn affects their job performance and the company’s productivity level. In particular, their attitudes are influenced by their belief that the company is making poor quality… (TCO D) Identify the five stages of team development, and explain what happens at each stage. Give a specific example from your own experience to highlight one of the stages. (Points : 45) The five stages of team development are the forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning stages. The forming stage is when the members first join the team. At this stage, the members get to know each other in efforts to find a common ground. In addition, they will… (TCOs A& B) OB defines stress in terms of both work stressors and life stressors. Please identify four common sources of stress at work. (Points : 10) Four common sources of stress at work are task demands, ethical dilemmas, interpersonal problems, and physical setting. Task demands pertain to when the...
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