Mgmt 645

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Assignment Overview
This course project is designed to give you real life practical experience while examining some of the key elements of organizational behavior as they apply to a specific organization.Additionally, the project offers you the opportunity to develop and create your own recommendations for the organization.

Each week, you will complete a weekly project (parts A - E) and, in week 7, you will synthesize all of this into a final project that will be your recommendations. For the weekly projects, you will be conducting research and presenting findings related to the organization that you selected. For the final project, you will develop a formal recommendations paper based on your research. Consider the weekly projects as a way to examine the current state of the organization. Consider the final project as a way for you to provide recommendations to better the organization.

Timeline and Point Allocation
See the course calendar for specific due date:
* Topic Selection: Week 1 (30 points)
* Part A: Week 2 (50 Points)
* Part B: Week 3 (50 points)
* Part C: Week 4 (50 points)
* Part D: Week 5 (50 points)
* Part E: Week 6 (50 points)
* Project Recommendations: Week 7 (100 points)

Topic Selection:
One of the most critical steps in this class is selecting an organization. You will use this topic for each weekly project and the Project Recommendations. An organization must be submitted for approval before you can proceed to the next elements of the assignment. Failure to submit your topic selection by the due date will preclude you from completing the upcoming project assignments. When selecting an organization for purposes of these assignments, it’s best to select a mid-size organization where you will be able to access the information needed to complete these assignments. Selecting an organization that is too large, like Wal-Mart or GE, will be too significant a scope for these assignments. Selecting a small organization of under 20 employees won’t provide the needed dynamic to complete these assignments. When considering what organization to select, you may select an organization where you work or have worked. You might also select an organization that is of interest to you but it should be an organization where you have access to resources to complete the required assignments. There are many scholarly sources available within the Davenport University Library. Additionally, other great resources could be leaders within the organization who you can interview. One word of caution, it’s important to maintain objectivity. This will be demonstrated by your scholarly research.

For the Project Topic, you will submit a 2 page APA formatted paper that will include the following: * Name of organization
* Reason why you selected this organization
* Description of organization that will include type of industry, number of employees, basic history, any other pertinent information as to why this is a great selection for your topic. * A minimum of 3 specific APA formatted scholarly resources that you plan to use in your upcoming research. The topic must be approved by faculty before you can proceed.

General Guidelines for Parts A-E and Project Recommendations * Projects must be completed using APA standards with the inclusion of: * Title page
* Abstract
* Introduction
* Body (with correct use of headings and sub-headings) * Conclusion
* Reference Page
* Appendices (as needed)

* Projects must be completed in third person.
* Parts A – E as well as the Project Recommendations must be submitted to both Turnitin and to the Blackboard dropbox in order to be eligible for credit. * These assignments require that you conduct and assess scholarly research. A good place to start your research isthe online databases accessible through the Davenport University Online Library. [Hint: If you are...
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