Mgt/307 Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics

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MGT/307 Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics January 10, 2011

In most every organization that exists, there are internal and external forces to affect the organizational behavior within that organization. Because organizational behavior is the study of individuals and groups in an organization, is it important to improve upon organizational behavior to improve work performance and employee satisfaction (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborne, 2008). The purpose of this summary is to compare and contrast the forces of each team member and his or her organization. This summary will show how the organizations behaviors are similar and how they are different in the areas of Restructuring, Organizational mission, Fiscal policies, Competition, Economy, Customer demands, and Globalization. Restructuring

In team B’s organizations, two of the companies produce products consumers use constantly and the other three organizations offer more of services to customers. All five organizations Advanced Radiology, AT & T, Estee Lauder, Bel Lago and Mount Vernon Mills in some ways have the same internal forces of restructuring because continually have to make changes from within to make sure their organization stays profitable. Because Advanced Radiology and AT & T offer services to their customers, their employees have to deal with change. Learning to merge with other companies locally and in other countries can many times cause these employees to have a hard time adapting to the way the other companies operate.

The difference in the restructuring of Mount Vernon Mills, Bel Lago and Estee Lauder is these companies do not merge with other companies. These organization restructuring can cause negative behavior because they do not merge with other companies to make a profit. The behavior in these organizations also comes because of change. Estee Lauder, Bel Lago and Mount Vernon mills tend to shift and move their employees around in their organization based on their needs and demands at the present time. One of the differences that Mount Vernon and Bel Lago has that the other organizations do not have is the high turnover in employment. Restructuring affects organizational behavior in employee and groups of employees every time changes are finished. Sometimes the behavior in change can be positive, but many employees behavior start out negative until they can adapt to the new restructure. Organizational mission

The mission of each organization describes each company, gives employees purpose, customers a reason to do business and attracts other potential opportunities. These five organizations focus on their providing their best product or services to each consumer or patient. The Estee Lauder mission statement is to "bring out the best of everyone we touch” with their skincare, makeup, and fragrances. Mount Vernon Mills has a passion for perfection, their mission is “satisfying our customers.” AT&T strives to enrich their customers personally with their communication services. mission is to provide ultimate patient care and responsiveness to both referring physicians and patients. Bel Lago Restaurant mission is to provide superior food and services. Nothing Less! Each of these organizations internally seeks to provide the best of their product or services for customers. Externally they reach out to their neighboring communities, increase customers, and stay abreast with what is in high demand. In contrast three of the listed companies provides a product, one...
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