Topics: Orphan, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Childhood Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: April 8, 2013
General Purpose: To persuade the audience

Specific Purpose: To make my audience aware of the importance of helping the orphans and to convince them to help orphans.

Thesis: Understand the importance of helping orphans .They are vaulnerable, future leaders of tomorrow most important they are children.

Title: Helping orphans

Attention Material: why should you help an orphan?
Orphans are the most vulnerable children. They are mostly brought up in lives of crime,sold off into slavery,sexually exploited and may more.They are the most vulnerable because they are children,they will make choices solely out of necessity.just like anyone they will do what they can to survive.Thats a decision a child should not have to make at such a critical age.You need to help these children because they are vulnerable,they are the future leaders of tomorrow and most importantly they are children who need care. (Slide2)

Today I will tell you the importance of helping orphans and reasons why you have to help orphans. My goal by the end of this speech is to persuade you to help the orphans. (Slide3)
One problem gives birth to dozens of others. The casualties of the worlds pain aren’t just those who have passed on. The children who survive are left vulnerable and unprotected. Most of all they lack love,stability and identity that comes from being part of a family. As a result this affects their lives

Who is an orphan? An orphan is defined as a child who has one or both of his/her parents dead.First we can address the obvious things that we read and hear about in the news all the time: war, diseases, poverty, natural disasters and accidents are among some of the leading causes. These can be directly associated with orphans by the definition of a child who has lost one or both parents. Within and aside from the aforementioned are: culture pressures, religious inequities and child prostitution. All these are associated with children...
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