Table of Contents
1.The Case Need a cure3
3.What is Organizational Culture?6
4.The current situation in Cure Lanka Hospital.7
5.What is Organizational Commitment?9
6.Issue 1- Employee unauthorized behavior.10
7.Issue 2- People are not complying with the new working arrangement.10 8.Issue 3 Maintenance in charge does not do the duty well.11 9.Issue 4 Staff members use organizational property for personal requirements.13 10. Issue 5 Two receptionists have not reported to work.14

1. The Case - Need a cure

Operations manager of the Cure Lanka Hospital (CLH) K.P John stood up after a long discussion with the HR manger Dayan Randeniya. “Well Dayan we will have to take this matter up seriously in the next management meeting. I need a solution, a permanent solution” Dayan agreed with waving the head from left to right with thin smile drawn across the face.

It was the weekly operational review meeting of CLH, meeting was preceded by the CEO, Sampath Devadithi. He is an ex-Air force officer. At the beginning of the meeting John requested permission to table a serious of issue. Mr. Deva, Kithsiri, the maintenance in-charge, is not controlling the maintenance staff. He pets the people; people do not come to work as arranged for shifts. They take leave change shifts as they wish. When I call explanation from the guy, he protects the people. What I see is we are not getting the work done, paying extra overtime to people. We need a solution to this problem.

Deva turned to the HR manager and looked at him. Dayan started. Well Deva, I and John had a chat on this issue. People are not complying with the new working arrangements. They are used to relax working pattern of previous management. They are practicing the same thing. However, this maintenance guy was recruited overriding my decision, and as per my opinion, he does not fit role. “Why do you say that Dayan?” asked the CEO. It’s my gut feeling Deva, I know that. I gained that out of the three interviews we had with him during his selection process.

Nursing in-charge raised his voice. Mr. Deva, I also have the same problem in my department. Recently I found that one of the attendants was using the company vehicle in regular manner to go home after his shift end. When I checked he claims that he has been doing that from the beginning. Further it’s frustrating, that two receptionist recruited have not reported to work after their first week of working. This is the third time same happened. I guess the old reception staff is loyal to the previous management and they are making the new people to quit. I need a solution for this from HR. Medical director, who is a reputed surgeon, had something to add. Look here, major portion of the business to this hospital is coming from my reputation. They are my clients. With all these issues that we claim as unable to manage, will cause my reputation to deteriorate. If you all could not improve the service here, I tell you I’ll have to sign up with another hospital. I have an operation, gentlemen please excuse me. He left the meeting keeping entire board room in silence.

CLH, was part of Golden key group of companies that collapsed. But now it’s owned by a new management. Golden key fiasco had put the reputation down of this hospital. New owners removed all the bad eggs from the management, changed lots of practices which were in lax, in order for the hospital to be turned in to a profit making operation. However they were reluctant to change much of the practices of Doctors. New management was able to manage the cash flow, to the level that they could build up some savings.

CEO seems to be in a dilemma, a big one. He is not used the management style of their subordinates bringing problem to him. While he was in Air force, when an assignment was given to an officer under him, they used to deliver. Unlike here there are enough excuses and ball passing. It was the CEO’s...
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