Module 2

Topics: Crime, Police, Prostitution Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Does street prostitution contribute to crime? If so how? If not explain your reason on why street prostitution does not contribute to crime. I believe that the COP strategy to deter the prostitutes and johns convicted of prostitution in St. Petersburg is not fair at all. Even though the johns that were convicted of prostitution receives a letter from the chief of police of the dangers of prostitution (venereal diseases, AIDS, etc) and the prostitutes denying access to certain areas where they are arrested at. I do not see a strategy for the pimps who are in charge of the prostitutes. Even though the prostitutes are not allowed in one area where they are arrested at, there is nothing preventing the prostitutes (and the pimps controlling them) of relocating to another area to continue to turn tricks. It is like cutting the tail off of a snake and it still lives (unless you cut it off at the head). Street prostitution by itself contributes to several crimes. Rape, murder, assault and robbery are several crimes contributed to prostitution especially if anything goes wrong with the “transaction” between the prostitute and the john. More crimes are added as well especially if the prostitute is underage.

Can police continue strategic-oriented policing initiatives in today’s economy when public safety budgets are shrinking? The police could be able to continue with strategic-oriented policing initiatives on a limited basis due to economic restraints. These initiatives that needed be selected have to be based on how effective it is without draining resources and manpower.

Detail what is known about “foot patrol” programs. Are they beneficial and, if so, how? Foot patrols as the well-known type of community patrol. Foot patrols have come to symbolize community oriented policing and have a long and colorful history in and of themselves. Foot patrols, similar to other community patrols are beneficial because it creates a strong police presence and allow the...
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