Monroe's Motivational Sequence Speech on Elderly Drivers

Topics: Driving, Driver's license, Old age Pages: 2 (835 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Aaron Michelson
Professor D.Nugent-Odasso
Speech 2
March 8 2013
Drivers of all Ages
Purpose: To persuade my audience to vote against the idea that the elderly should have to take driving test’s to get their licenses renewed. Thesis: Forcing a certain age group to take more driving test’s than anybody else is unethical and ill-advised. I. Attention: You probably have been told that elderly are one of the biggest causes of car accidents on the road and the elderly are naturally bad drivers because of their slowing response times and bad eyesight. But what you haven’t been told is that all the data supporting that idea is inconclusive. But they are still being automatically stereotyped as bad drivers and being forced to continually take driving tests more than any other age group. Anybody who drives a lot can tell stories of near-misses and incidents of having come this close to an accident. How many of those involved an elderly person? In my own experience, hardly ever. It is usually a young to middle-aged male, and usually the incident occurs because they drive too fast, try to cut in front of other traffic, or are just plain dangerous drivers. But let’s say we do take seniors mobility away, who will be responsible for the burden of their transportation? II. Need: Millions of perfectly safe drivers are in danger of having all their mobility unjustifiably taken away, which also means having their livelihood taken away. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention last updated on January 31, 2013, elderly drivers are 11% more likely to wear a seatbelt, 75% less likely to drink and drive and tend to only drive when conditions are the safest compared to younger drivers (, 2013). If this is the case then why do we think they are more dangerous drivers then teenagers and young adults? Almost all studies showing that elderly are more dangerous drivers have another study showing the exact opposite. There are no clear facts. So we should...

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