Motivation During Crisis: a Case Study on Wasl Properties

Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Organizational studies Pages: 14 (4701 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Motivation during Crisis: A Case Study on WASL Properties
Authors: Ms Maryam Al Mehairi, Ms Shamsa Al Humairi, Ms Gina Martin, Mr Fahd Ali Malik and Mr Anas Ismail Kunju

1.Executive Summary
2.1WASL Properties Profile
3.Application of Conceptual Framework
3.1Research Methodology
3.2Organizational Behavior Concepts relating to WASL case 3.2.1Perception
3.2.3Group dynamics
3.2.4Team processes
3.2.5Job satisfaction and commitment
3.2.6Problem-solving and decision-making
3.2.7Power and political issues
3.2.8Leadership issues
3.2.9Structural and cultural issues
3.2.10Dynamics associated with organizational change
4.Motivation Behavior at WASL
5.Critical Analysis
a.WASL Organizational Structure
b.Interview transcripts
c.Email communication with WASL

1.Executive Summary
Organizational Behavior – It’s all about people and the impact they created to the organization! Organizing people’s daily cooperation is very vital to ensure efficient business operations. But coordination alone is not enough: employee motivation is a vital key since a motivated staff with a superior degree of commitment to the company is crucial for company success. The complex studies of motivation have created various theories over the past decades in order to identify needs, anticipations and driving forces. Conclusions based on theories which may deem suitable in particular work settings and application of these results seems challenging task for all managers in charge. This job becomes even more complex in times of organizational change, when worries and doubts exist among employees who might easily result in low employee motivation and morale. Employees’ resistance to change and fear is one of the major challenges when it comes to organizational change and motivation. Apart from the already difficult situation, other related factors can contribute to the dilemma, namely in times of crisis when a company’s survival is also threatened. Let us quote Training and Development Manager at WASL Properties: “The key for keeping afloat is having strong communication in all employee levels in the organization.” But will this factor be enough to gain credibility and stability with all members? How about the existing commitment and structural issue that can’t be denied within that is affecting staff performance? The company is facing a dilemma, which cannot be solved easily.

2.1WASL Properties brief profile
WASL is an Asset Management Group owned by Dubai Real Estate Corporation. WASL Properties represents WASL’s main business which is a real property industry in the United Arab Emirates (apart from its other line of business – WASL Hospitality and Dubai Golf). WASL use the line and staff Human Resource Management strategy; they also implement work conducive and law–abiding Human Resource Management policies. Officers and employees of WASL report their duties and responsibilities according to the management hierarchy. The structure shows that the Board of Directors monitors WASL. For instance, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Hesham Al Qassim, reports directly to the Board of Directors. Department head trains, monitors and guides the new employees to ensure faster job performance. The company prioritizes the hiring of local United Arab Emirates applicants over the foreign job applicants. The company also hires local residents with special needs to operate a few job responsibilities. Organizational processes should be set in motion. For example, the manager cannot hire a new employee without the approval of the Human Resource Officer. The Human Resource Manager should not increase the salary of an employee without the recommendation of the employee’s manager. The manager of the Property Management Department cannot force an employee of the Land Assets Department to perform...
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