Msa 601 Philosophy

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Learning Organization
Central Michigan University

An organization that lives by the philosophy of effective learning, exhibits the ability to ensure that all employees are learning and utilizing all tools that can help them learn even more. I will go into further detail regarding the characteristics of a learning organization, the most effective organizational theory in my opinion and the potential limitations to my theory. When it comes to an organization that focuses on effective learning, training is one of the most important aspects to the organizations success. It is imperative to ensure that all employees are receiving the proper amount of training that will enable them to have a better handle on their job. An organization that lacks training can lead to employees not growing or expanding their knowledge. The expansion of individual’s knowledge is critical for the reason that we live in an ever changing world. The training is needed in order to keep a completive advantage. For example, in an organization such as a cell phone company, all employees must be learning on a continuous basis. This is because of the constant changes and needs of consumers. Consumers are constantly looking for new features and new phone capabilities. This means that all employees must be properly trained in order to produce market and sell these products. This starts all the way from the top. Corporate must be trained well enough to know what consumers are looking for, and marketing must be trained well enough to know how to get the product in consumers faces and the retail agents must be trained well enough to share all of the features with potential customers. Effective learning can be compared to a domino effect. The learning process can just come from one force. Management must pass new knowledge down to their subordinates and if the subordinates have valuable information they must relay it to management. This will in return create synergy. Apple is an excellent example of this. They once struggled with sales due to them only being sold in large department stores such as Best Buy. This did not give them the opportunity to ensure that all individuals selling their products were knowledgeable. They would train the upper management of Best Buy and expect for them to pass the information down to their employees. Apple realized that this was not working and took a different approach. They opened their own stores and ensured that no employee would be on their floor that did not know the ins and outs of their product. And if an employee was not sure of an answer there will always be someone in the store that can answer the question. This is a major part of effective learning in an organization. The employees want to learn on a consistent basis. If they are not sure of something they will not just ignore it. The employee will take the time to ask someone. This in return has helped Apple become one of the top electronic producers in the world (11 Effective Strategies Apple Uses to Create Loyal Customers, Insidecr). Another characteristic of an organization that uses effective learning is they look at learning as an opportunity. This gives them the chance to possible pull ahead or stay ahead of the competitor. A competitive advantage helps organizations continue to be profitable. An example, of this would be an organization such as the retail industry. In fashion, the only thing that is constant is change. Consumers tend to change their style based off of what they see on television, movies and in books. In order for retail stores to keep up and have a completive edge over the completive they must have continuous knowledge of what is going on in the fashion industry. They need to ensure that their store is producing and/or selling products that are in style to consumers at the moment. Being behind on the latest trends can lead to being behind your competitors. This is where effective learning comes into play. The organization must ensure...
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