My Son the Fanatic

Topics: Western culture, Western world, Culture Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: June 18, 2008
My Son the Fanatic
Textual Analysis
(Plot and Characters)
1.Exposition (Presentation of facts):
p. 119, 1st paragraph:
Parvez is Ali’s father.
Parvez is searching for clues which will explain why Ali has changed. Ali is becoming tidier, his room is neat and ordered.
2.Complication (first crisis, the situation becomes abnormal): p. 119, 2nd paragraph:
Ali has thrown valuable things out, he has broken-up with his girlfriend and stopped talking to his friends. Parvez becomes worried.
1.P. 119, l. 18: Parvez is afraid of his son.
2.P. 120, l. 3: Parvez starts drinking.
3.P. 121, l. 6: Cabbies say Ali is an addict.
4.P. 123, l. 13: Parvez finds Ali praying.
5.P. 124, l. 24: Ali criticizes Parvez’ drinking.
6.P.125, l. 34: Ali thinks Parvez is ”too implicated in Western civilisation”. 7.P. 126, l.10: Ali thinks the West is corrupted.
8.P. 126, l. 15. Ali will fight for ”the cause”.
9.P. 128, l. 9: Parvez could not talk to Ali about his beliefs. Ali will not listen. 10.P. 130, l. 18: Ali disrespects Bettina who is his father’s friend and tries to help him. 11.P. 130, l. 27: Bettina became offended and jumped out of the car in anger. 4.Climax: (Point og highest tension): p. 131, l. 2: Parvez kicks Ali over in anger and frustration, Ali does not react and Parvez keeps hitting him. 5.Denoument: (Resolution): p. 131, l. 8: Ali says ”So who’s the fanatic now”, their relationship is completely broken, and the ending remains open. 6.+

9.Enjoy yourself without hurting others
10.”Life is for living!”
11. Western culture
12.Liberal mentality
15.Enjoyment is a ”bottomless pit”
16.Fight for ”the cause”
17.Muslim culture
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