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5:1 Guided Reading—Cultures of the Mountains and the Sea A. Analyzing Causes and Recognizing Effects As you read this section, make notes in the chart to explain how each geographic characteristic or historical event influenced the history and culture of early Greek civilization. History and Culture

1. Location “around” a sea
Greeks rarely traveled more than 85 miles to reach the coastline. Greeks had important transportation routes
Greece was poor in natural resources

2. Rugged mountains
Rugged mountains covered three-fourths of ancient Greece.
Mountains divided the land into a number of different regions Mountains Influenced Greek political life.

3. Little fertile farmland
Fertile valleys covered one-fourth of Greece
Greece was never able to support a large population
Greece based their diet on staple crops

4. Moderate climate
Third important environmental influence on Greek civilization Greece has a varied climate
Moderate temperatures supported an outdoor life for many Greek citizens

5. Mycenaean adaptation of Minoan culture
The Minoan civilization had flourished on Crete for 600 years. The Mycenaean preserved elements of Minoan culture by making it part of their own lives. Mycenaean adapted the Minoan writing system to the Greek Language.

6. The Trojan War
Mycenaean kings fought a ten-year war with Troy
Trojan war was a struggle for control of a crucial waterway in the Aegean Sea Attack on Troy was probably one of the last campaigns of the Mycenaenan

7. The collapse of Mycenaean civilization
Sea raiders attacked the Mycenaean civilization palace after palace. A new group of people moved into this war-torn countryside.
Greeks appear to have temporarily forgotten the art of writing during the Dorian Age.

B. Determining Main Ideas On the back of this paper, explain the significance of myths and the epics of Homer in ancient Greek culture. Myths are traditional stories about the Greek gods...
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