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BUDDHISM - One of the great religions of the world, was founded in India in the 500 B.C., and then spread throughout Asia. Over time, many different Buddhist sects have developed, each with its own doctrines, gods, and legends. Although Buddhism has produced little mythology of its own, it has incorporated stories from mythologies of various groups that adopted the religion.

Buddhist History and Teachings

The roots of Buddhism can be traced to one man: Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from a small state in northern India. Although he was a historical figure, many of the stories about him are based on legend. This has made it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction. Yet the basic elements of Siddhartha Gautama's life story—whether real or invented—are well known, as are his religious teachings. Buddhism teaches that all humans experience many lives and are constantly reincarnated—reborn after death into a different form of existence. The form each person takes in a new life depends on karma, which is the total of one's good and bad deeds in previous lives. The goal of Buddhism is to escape this cycle of death and rebirth by achieving enlightenment. When that happens, a person enters a timeless state known as nirvana and is free of all desire.


Satawaram Gods - Four main gods rule in four directions of the world & four inhuman types from Heaven of four region or Caturr Maha Rajika. These four gods also called as Satarawaram gods and stay under rules of god Shakra Devandra. These four gods separate some devil leaders for protect virtuous Buddhist people. * Dutarathta (East) rules Gandrawa,  

* Virullha (South) rules Ghosts,  
* Virupakka (West) rules Naga & 
* Vaishravana - Kuwera (North) rules Devils. 

Significant and Influential Buddhist Figures from Antiquity to Present Day

The Buddha - (563 B.C. - 483 B.C.) The fully enlightened Buddha, the Buddha of our time. Historically, the...
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