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Of all the religious preachers of the 6th centuries BC, Gautama Buddha is the best known; His religion had a more popular social base. gautama also known as Siddhartha, was born in 586 BC in the khashtria tribe of the Shakyas headed by his father Suddhodhana, his father was Mahamaya, Gautama recieve the usual khashtria training in the art of warfare. He married yasodhara, and be got a son named Rahula. But smitten by the sorrow of life he left his home at the age of twenty-nine, shaved off his hair, and became an ascentic. He went from place to place seeking guidance, without satisfaction. As a last resort for the sake of achieving salvation, he gave up asceticism and took to meditation. he made the final discovery at Gaya under a pipal tree on the bank of the Niranjana river(the phalgu). For fourty-five years Guautama Buddha wandered on foot to propagate his ideas.But in the west he did not travel beyond Kaushambi; in the east he regualrly passed the Rajgir and Gaya and also visited Dakhinagiri near Mirzapur on the southern bank of ganga. He died at the age of eighty, at Kushinara. His death has said to have been caused by a meal of pork, which he had taken with his lay desipleChunda at Pava.

The Central themeof Buddha’s religion is the Eight step path. They are-Proper vision leading to the realization that the world is full of sorrow caused by desire,greed etc. Right aim, which leave no room covetousness or indulgences but encourage everybody to love other fully and increase their happiness.Right speech this implies the practise of truthfulness promoting mutual friendship.Proper action, this include abstention from killing stealing and fornication and performance of such deeds as would benefits other people. Proper livelihood earned by pure and honest means.Right efforts this means that mental exercise to avoid...
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