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The NatyaShastra describes nine rasas or NavaRasas that are the basis of all human emotion. It is useful to keep in mind that a rasa encompasses not just the emotion, but also the various things that cause that emotion. These two things go hand in hand and are impossible to treat separately. This duality is part of every rasa to varying degrees. Today we try to bring to you a flavour of each of these nine rasas, explaining what each one means and presenting it to you through some Indian art form. 

(we will first have our traditional auspicious lamp-lightening ceremony as a tribute to mother Sarswati , the godess of knowledge ) ( Mother, we pray for your blessings with all humility............. give us wisdom to make this world a better place . may all human being be in harmony with nature and other form of life. may the truth prevail. may the darkness of ignorance be swept away by the dawn of self-realizaton . by our honourable chief guest.............

Sir please
lamp lightening

without taking much of ur time , permit us to start the programme.............DO u fell Some turbulence around here ?

Yes, i do ? the heart beats have gone up? everyone is eager to sink into the depth of music , song, lights and joy . Well here you are.

no, please , tell me i am eager to know about nine rasas of emotions...

I will tell u about the nine rasas ' The essence of emotions' , while rasas also has meaning that are more literal in sanskrit such as taste, water, juice, essence and ultimately bliss. [ If u want to be happy , stop being unhappy ]

OHHH!! that's true. Frm your explanation / justification . My mind has striked with one story . Should i tell you ..

Sure A1 , why not ...... ( i'm enlightened)

The Sadness Rasa : Karuna Rasa
When we feel sad for all who don’t see through this illusion of suffering ,for The ignorance created by maya , then we experience the highest form of karuna, which is compassion . While the highest karuna is compassion , the original sanskrit word karuna means "sadness" . This more popular meaning of the karuna rasa find expression in many kinds of arts, literature, and theater in india. sadness is a feeling thats comes when we have to let go of attachment . in pity, we forget that other people's problems are essentially the same as our own.

Karuna is grief and compassion. The feelings of unspeakable tragedy and despair, utter hopelessness and heartbreak, the sorrow caused by parting with a lover, the anguish caused by the death of a loved one are all Karuna. So also, the compassion and empathy aroused by seeing someone wretched and afflicted is Karuna. The sympathy and fellow feeling that sorrow engenders in the viewer is also karuna. Karuna can be of a personal nature as when one finds oneself depressed, melancholy and distressed. More impersonal sorrows relate to the despair regarding the human condition in general, the feeling that all human life is grief and suffering. It is Karuna of this sort that the Buddha was trying to overcome on his path to salvation.

The Fear Rasa : Bhayanka Rasa
The fear is often caused by ignorance. when something is unknown , the mind can only imagine what it can do and if the ego is not confident enough, the mind will only imagine fearfull things. fear and worries are primarily a game of ever-exaggerating mind, while the ego suffers from it if it identifies with it. the most powerfull fear is the fear of death. as my desires exist, so many fears may aries. and of course, fear is our natural protection that keep us away from harm.

The Disgust Rasa : Vibhatsya Rasa
Vibhatsya is a feeling of disgust or dissatisfaction with oneself n others. Vulgar, uncivilized, and perverted actions, using bad words and manners, and showing bad intentions to others are all manifastations of the vibhatsya...
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