Old Age - Golden Age?

Topics: Gerontology, Death, Old age Pages: 1 (338 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Is old age really golden age? What are its pros and cons?
Human life is a long and complex process which passes through many stages. Each stage contains new circumstances and requirements to which one has to adapt. The great English poet W. Shakespeare described and divided the human life span into a number of stages: an infant, a schoolboy, a lover with agonies of adolescence, a soldier as a youngish, a justice as an adult, a pantaloon who is over the hill, and the second childhood with "sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything". Hence, every age of man is different and every period of life has its pros and cons. Some people call old age golden age, although it has not only pros but also cons. The last two stages from the Shakespeare's poem refer to the old age. The person begins to lose his not only physical but also mental charm. It sounds highly negative. Moreover, in the old age a person feels a lack of mental sharpness, a lack of ability to concentrate, forgetfulness, sometimes inability to hear, to speak, etc. Furthermore, old people often are widowed and lonely. They are also very often sick. Nevertheless, there are a lot of good things as far as old age is concerned. Someone said that old age is something to be celebrated not to be scared of. To be more precise, mature people are experienced, wise, they have already made their career and their children have already grown up. Generally, old people do not have to work, to learn; they also have a lot of duties and they do not have big expectations. Usually they have families who take care of them. To sum up, there are many stages of human life, which have both advantages and disadvantages. However, every moment of life should be valued, because it is unique and it will never be repeated. Moreover, health is the most important thing in people's life but "it is not valued till sickness comes".
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