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Topics: Organization, Organizational studies, 2008 Sichuan earthquake Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Every organization have different individuals working together and none are likely to behave in a similar manner. Hence, it is important to study organisational behaviour as it helps the organization’s management to understand their employees better and improves the relationships between these individuals.

Nowadays, organizations do not only act on what is required by the Law, but also to behave ethically and conduct their business with the interest of the society at large. The organizations are to be accountable to the stakesholders with the ways they manage their businesses. Such responsibility is known as Corporate Social Responsibility.

One Corporate Social Responsibility that Breadtalk has participated in giving back to the society was the fundraising of the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008. Breadtalk created the Peace Panda bread and proceed of every Panda bread they sell, the funds went to the Red Cross Society who participated in the 'China Earthquake Appeal Fund'. With this CSR program that the organization has participated in, they have shown the society that they are acting with high ethical and this helps in creating a positive public image.

Within the organization, every individual will also be influenced by the kind act of their own company and it indirectly helps in attracting and retaining the employees. This is because employee will see their company as an organization that is concern about the wellbeing of each individual and they tend to have a stronger bond with the organization. With the increase in the employees’ motivation at work, it helps in producing high productivity and maintain itself as a capable company in the industry.

Through the CRS program, Breadtalk might also gain investors in China because of their ethical act in aiding the Sichuan people when in need. With new investors joining the organization, Breadtalk will have gained more business opportunity and this helps in creating new jobs for the unemployed in the society....
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