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An organisation is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals, which controls its own performance, and which has a boundary separating it from its environment. Organisation is the association formed by a group of people who see that there are benefits available from working together towards some common goal. Organisation studies are the study of individual and group dynamics in an organisational setting, as well as the nature of organisation themselves. Whenever people interact in organisation ,many factors comes in to play. Organisational studies attempt to understand and model these factors. Organisation study is essential to any MBA graduate as it helps them to connect theory with practice Organisation study refers to the study of organisation as a whole and getting adequate knowledge with various departments in the organisation. The study was carried out at KEMS FORGINGS LIMITED, Bangalore. This study is based on the different aspects and dimension of different departments of the company. The study was carried out at KEMS FORGINGS LIMITED ,situated at Attibele, Bangalore OBJECTIVE OF STUDY

The organisation study was carried out in KEMS FORGINGS LIMITED ,situated at Attibele, Bangalore, is to achieve the following specific objectives. To familiarize with the organisation structure and its functioning To understand how information is used in organisation for decision making at various levels including data flow diagram To understand the extent of technology adoption in the organisation for various functions/activities. To understand the growth and diversification stratergy,portfolio structure of the Organisation To study the overall performance of the organisation

To understand the performance measurements of employees and various employee welfare activities, training activities To understand the steps taken to increase the productivity in the organisation To conduct a SWOT analysis of the organisation

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