Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour

Week 1- Welcome What is Organisational Behaviour?

What Is OB?
• Organizational Behavior
- Interdisciplinary field dedicated to better understanding and managing people at work

Basic OBModel

Basic OB Model

Hospitals Example

Topics to be covered
• The Individual (the Self, Emotions & Attitudes, Stress & Motivation) • Personal & Organisational Values • Groups & Teams • Perception & Diversity • Leadership • Communication • Ethics

Organisational Behaviour is…..
A field of study that investigates

the impact that individuals, groups and structure have on
behaviour within organisations, for the purpose of applying such knowledge toward improving an organisation’s effectiveness.

OB or Commonsense?
We learn OB through 3 sources – each informs the other THEORY - describes a set of systematic interrelated concepts of hypotheses that purports to explain and predict phenomena RESEARCH – allows us to test the limits of theories and how they may relate to different situations PRACTICE – testing concepts

Types of Research?
There are principally 2 types Quantitative Qualitative Objective Subjective Deductive Inductive Generalisable Not generalisable Numbers Words

Both are systematic in their approach

Future OB Challenges and Opportunities
         Responding to Globalisation Managing Workforce Diversity Improving Quality and Productivity Responding to labour shortage Improving Customer/Client Service Improving People Skills Coping with “Temporariness” Innovation and Change Helping Employees Balance Work/Life Conflicts  Improving Ethical Behaviour

Organisation Behaviour Unit
• • • • • Please read the unit outline thoroughly Lecture (one hour) Tutorial (two-hours) Flexible Learning NETIQUETTE Assessments – Research Report – 1750 words (40%) – Group Presentation – 15 minutes (15%) and – Individual Reflection/Report – 1000 words (15%) – Exams – 20 questions in 20 minutes on WebCT (10% each:...
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