Organisations and Management Studies

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Title: Critically evaluate why ‘Organisation Studies’ are important in contemporary business Organisations and Management Individual Assignment
In this short essay I will attempt to critically evaluate the importance of organisation studies in contemporary business. I will answer this question by considering the validity of this statement and consider the pros and any cons of organisation studies. I will also try to include why it is or isn’t important for people to study organisations in different contexts including historical, social, economic and cultural. Many would agree that organisation studies have become much more important in this day and age. Throughout our everyday lives we use many organisations products and services. These have a massive range from getting a shower in the morning to simply using public transport to get home after work. Despite there being so many organisations in everyday life all are completely different, whether it’s their size, structure, ethics, management style or the culture of the firm. With firms being so differentiated it is vital to understand the differences of how they work and especially how organisations have evolved into a widely increased responsibility and workload. Mangers and organisational behaviour our main topics of this subject; managers roles in organisations have changed widely and their importance to perform well has increased massively. Organisational behaviour links in with this by attempting to study different types of employees, in many different situations to help managers in many ways, for example to find the best working conditions and methods to improve productivity within a certain area of the business or even the business as a whole. This will hopefully give managers and their subordinates a better understanding of one another. There are different methods of management styles in today’s businesses. Some try to adopt a direct control approach, to make sure no mistakes...
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